Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu Planning Monday!!

Well, last week I was lame and didn't post a menu plan. BIG mistake--turns out, things run so much smoother when I KNOW what's happening at 5:30 and Kurt will be home in an hour to gobble down dinner on his too short supper break! The only thing I KNEW we were having was BBQ ribs and all the fixin's for FIL's B-day dinner (a week late, but not totally my fault, HA!) This week isn't TOO much better, as I have to go to Chicago for work for a few days, but the boys won't starve, even if the blog posting looks pretty slim this week =)
Monday: I had class!
Tuesday: Crispy, Creamy Chicken, rice, green beans
Wednesday: Papa Special ("beef tips and gravy over noodles") peas
Thursday: Momma's gone
Friday: Momma's gone
Saturday: Momma's coming home, but may not cook, LOL
Sunday: TBD

I know, lame, right?


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