Friday, February 4, 2011

Flashback Friday

Can it really be that THREE years have gone by since we were on the hunt for the perfect prom dress? How did that happen so fast?! I've noticed that the dresses are on display, so that time of the year approaches!!
A little backstory on her dress: she came home one day and told me she found the perfect dress and it was ONLY $400 and she was going to order it, OK? Um, NOT OK! I told her no way bay-bay and she promptly told me that was the one she loved, she'd never find another one like it. She and her friends had all already "claimed" their colors and she was lime green. She wanted VERY full, sparkly, strapless and wanted it to lace up the back. Well, Momma went a-hunting on eBay and found a dress with 4 out of 5 requests and Arielle decided that maybe Momma knew what she was doing after all! We won it for a little over $100 and my girlfriend did the minor alterations for us. It was a beautiful dress worn by my beautiful baby girl =)
One of my favorite pictures from that night was the one of the masses of tulle in all the colors that the girls chose---you can pick her out of the crowd even without her face, HA!


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