Thursday, April 14, 2011

Starting the year with a 43

So the first golf meet of the year is behind us---and it was a COLD start to the season! Windy, gray, COLD. (no rain, but chances are we're going to get a little damp when we do it all again on Saturday!) The pictures I take at these early meets are a little on the depressing side: no foilage on the trees yet, the grass hasn't hit it's gorgeous shade of green yet, and Momma is forced to put her need to stay warm in front of her need to be fashionable!!!
PHS had their "Masters" tournament this week and Parker won!!! No green jacket presentation, but there is a plaque and mention of his feat at the end of year shing-ding. He continued riding the wave by shooting a 43 today, the lowest score of the PHS golfers today and right up there in medal contention area =) If he can play this well in unpleasant conditions, we're excited for optimal days ahead!!


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