Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday, Paxton!!!

OK, technically his actual birthday was last week, but we had his party today to celebrate. Both sets of Grandparents, his Godmother, Arielle, my brother and nephews were here to help us celebrate and Paxton had such a nice day. He received the lego sets he had been dying for (and a couple of surprise sets too!), water guns, a couple of gift cards, savings bond, the always appreciated outfit, a new DS game, a CD player/radio (which Beckett has been playing non-stop), a scooter and Yogi Bear (cute movie!!).
I can't believe its been EIGHT years already since his 9# 14oz self made his overdue arrival =( He's just he sweetest little boy and it is a pleasure to be his Momma


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Chris said...

Such a cutie :o) Glad he had a great party!

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