Saturday, May 14, 2011

SWC vs SWAL cup, 2011

So last year, 2 adjoining conferences came up with the idea of pitting the top 30 players from each conference in a Ryder Cup style tournament. The #1 player from SWC would play the #1 player from SWAL and so on all the way down to #30. Last year Parker was somewhere in the 11-20 range in points for our conference, this year he is number TWO! (and he's beaten the #1 a couple of times this year).
It was a very cold and windy day---so not fair for May 14! But my baby boy played like the weather wasn't a factor, he was amazing--one of his best days on this course. I won't bore you with tons of golfing terms and lingo, you can just take my word that he "done good" HA!
SWC pulled out the win again today, and Parker adds another medal to his letter =)


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