Monday, May 30, 2011

City Boys Through and Through....

Yesterday we had a graduation party for a family friend to attend and it was WAY out in the boonies (is this a local term?). Plenty of farmland and farm critters to see. Um, yeah---that's where we need some work. The boys saw a field with animals in it and I hear from the backseat: "look Mom, PIGS!". So I look. At cows. "whoops, those are cows, guys!". Oh right, says Beckett and he laughs.
As we're approaching our destination, there is a large pen with more animals laying and walking around. "Mom! Look, more cows!". I had already seen the pen I was sure they were referring to, but I looked around for cows. No cows. "Those are horses, guys". Oooops.
Ever since they were little, they would sail through those baby/toddler books with all the different animals and the sounds that they make. Hmmmm, maybe art doesn't imitate real life in this case.
At any rate, there was a horse barn with a couple of horses inside in pens, so we ventured inside to have a close up look. They were even pretty brave about putting out their hands to have the horses smell them!
We worked on reading road signs on the way home...


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