Friday, June 3, 2011

Girls day out. With Beckett....

On Friday Arielle and I had plans to make a trip to the Dells for a visit to the outlet mall there. As I was getting ready, Beckett asked me if I was going to work and I told him no, Arielle and I were going to go somewhere instead. He asked if he could go and I couldn't think of a good reason why not. Yeah, I called Kurt at one point and told him to remind me off all of the good reasons why not:
He's a little dictator when in comes to the music. HE wants to pick the CD and knows which tracks he likes. When one is up that he doesn't like he yells: SKIP IT!
Is easily distracted by those cheesy rides that cost $.75 and last for 49 seconds. Hard to justify when he can ride the ponies at the grocery store for $.01. Yes, a penny.
Can get his shoes and socks off in a heartbeat (usually as you're putting the car in park), yet is unable to get them back on himself.
When he finished his little jugs of milk, he chucked them into the front seat with us. Yeah, NOT cool--he got in trouble for that.
Asked Arielle to get him all cleaned up after his snack of Cheetos and as soon as she turned around from that big job, we hear him crunching away on more!!
Good thing he's cute, but next time it's GIRLS only.


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