Thursday, June 30, 2011

Truthful Thursday

The de-cluttering/downsizing continues. My new mantra: if we moved tomorrow (across the street, across state lines, across the country---doesn't matter), do I really want to pack it up, move it and unpack it? If not--SEE YA! For example, I saved a TON of the megablocks/lego kits that Parker adored when he was Paxton's age. Now Paxton is in love with Legos too, but he is so wrapped up in his fire and police stations that it's ridiculous to even think of introducing something else. WHY am I continuing to store them then? Well, actually, I'm not. Once I get this post up, I am making a trip to the Thrift store (my second of the day, in fact!)
I culled through my closet and these SIX bags of things are items that I don't LOVE and hence, rarely wear. It's true: you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time! In a perfect world I will get these all listed on eBay to make a little $ (it DOES work, but it IS work) I do intend to click away on the keyboard as a seller until my fingers are numb, but this little thing called my nursing boards is sucking up a lot of my attention for the minute, HA!!!
Man, it feels good to get it out of here =)


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