Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rountree Branch Trail

There is a walking trail here that runs along the edge of the city. Nicely maintained and people walk, bike and run along it. It's tree lined and shady and there's a nice stream that meanders along with it. That also means: GNATS! Oh my word the little buggers were out in force tonight!
We ate dinner out tonight and while Kurt took care of the check, the boys and I walked down behind the resturant and hopped on the trail. I called Kurt and asked him to just take the car down the road and meet us farther down. You could just see huge clouds of the nasty bugs that you knew you'd have to walk through. I would take a picture, close my camera and when I'd open it to take another picture of the boys, I'd have to clean 2 or 3 corpses off the screen. I swear I killed 2 gnats for every birthday I've had, and by golly---that's a lot of tiny murders. I will sleep just fine tonight too.


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