Monday, June 27, 2011

Take your Beckett to Work Day.....

Actually no, he had a dental appointment for a filling this morning---I took him to work with me and Kurt came up to get him after he took Paxton to Summer school. When we got there, I told him he could go up front and talk to Shelly and Ashley while I got changed into my scrubs. Well, he headed right up there and was ready to settle into Kelly's chair (where he had his teeth cleaned)!
He did so well for his filling and then he had time to "help" us do some work. He assisted me in checking the charts Shelly pulled (and everytime the phone ring he said "Shelly, can you get that?!" HA, it was too funny!
Then Carol was setting up trays so we invaded her and he got the disposables into the right compartments. And then came Daddy! Beckett said he could leave because he was busy working =)


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