Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shopping at The GAP

With pooltime upon us, it became apparent to me that the little boys needed some new suits! I like them to match, much to Kurt's chargrin, so a trip to the Mall was in order.
We (OK, me) found suits on sale/clearance pretty quickly while Paxton sweetly followed me and offered to help carry what I was finding. And Beckett? Well, he was in love. As I'm putting the items on the counter, I hear "Mom, look at my new girlfriend!". He was dancing with one of the soft (good thing!) mannequins that were modeling the latest fashions. The clerk thankfully, was too sweet and said he couldn't hurt a thing and he was fine to play with them. He told me that he didn't knock off their heads, "they just never had heads, Mom!"
We call him "knucklehead" for a reason...


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