Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbyn Art

I hate school lunch. Like really not like it at all. It's expensive, it's unappetizing, it's repetitive, and the same few menu items are rotated through in a very short time span (that's a play on reptitive HA!)
I follow a few lunch "bento" style blogs where those Momma's are so darn creative that it's sickening. I'm more of a "pretty on the outside" type of lunch-packer =) Last school year I bought an orange Goodbyn for Beckett to use for home lunches (he always takes one, Paxton, not so much) I've also purchased a couple of Laptop Lunch systems which are a hit as well. In my travels around the online auction site known as eBay, I managed to score a wonderful deal on 2 more Goodbyns for the boys to use come Fall! They came complete with stickers for personalizaton and last night the boys sat down and got to stickering! Quite the budding artists, THIS unbiased Momma thnks anyway!


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