Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seventeen Big Ones!!!

That's how many birthdays my very first baby boy has had!!! My tiniest baby at 7# 7oz who came nice and early on a Thursday morning, about a week before we were expecting him---not that I complained a bit about that, HA!! He was turning a nice shade of yellow before we were kicked out of the hospital the next day (that was the day of "drive by deliveries" where you got 1 day for a "regular" birth and 2 for a c/s! Whatever you think of President Clinton, women across America should be thankful he made the 2 and 4 day stays the norm!) our MD wanted us to stay longer, but our insurance said "no way"! (Met Life, Snoopy as your mascot is darned cute, but as an insurance company I am not impressed). To make a long story short, he ended up being readmitted for 5 days to bring down his dangerously high bilirubin levels.
Clearly, we had a happy ending =) Here's some pictures from about 10 years ago. Pretty darn cute, don't you think?!


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Melissa said...

Happy birthday, Parker! (So thankful for the 2/4 day hospital stays!!)

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