Saturday, July 16, 2011

Paging Dr. Dorian...

Egads! Too many hospital/clinic/Dr's visits in the past couple of days!
First: My Mom calls on Wednesday night, they've been camping in Eau Claire (pronounced Oh Claire, unless you are the voice inside of Tom Tom, then it's E-A-Uclaire) and my Dad had 2-3 mini strokes and was currently admitted at Sacred Heart hospital--hence the photo of the cast of Scrubs. My sister was camping with them, so she was already there, but my brother and I had to make the drive on Thursday to help pack up the campsite and bring them back home. It's about a 4 hour drive and my brother doesn't believe in stopping for bathroom breaks. Dad has a partially blocked carotid artery and will have surgery on Tuesday to remedy the problem.
Second: Beckett has had a little bit of a rash on his thighs, slightly itchy and starting to get a little "welt-y" so I wanted to have it looked at. I got an appointment for him on Friday afternoon, and as I'm getting ready to take him to it, Parker calls....
Third: "Um Mom? I'm at work and I kind of passed out and fell into the pool". YIKES! Healthy 17 year old boys don't pass out and fall into pools of water! So guess who got to tag along to the 5 year old's appointment? They've decided that he has a bladder infection and are treating him accordingly. Beckett got a prescription for steroids and antihistimines for a possible exposure to poison ivy/oak/summac/something.
Yeah, they're loving us at the pharmacy....


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