Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Boy and his list...

Or his Momma's list, whichever---it's a fine line. Beckett went with me to get groceries the other day (against my better judgement. Usually I'm able to get it done without ankle-biter assistance, but once in a while I cave and let him come. And then tell Kurt when I get home to never let me do that again!!!)
He insisted on handling the list, even though the only thing he could read in my handwriting was "ice cream" HA! It added about 120% to the total shopping time to do it his way, I can tell you that much. After each item went in the cart, it was his personal mission to find it on the list (keep in mind, he couldn't read my writing) and cross it off. Then announce to me the next thing we needed to find (again, from a list he couldn't read).
At first he'd find a flat spot on a shelf to do his crossing off, and if none was available, he'd just stretch right out on the floor and do it. No one ran him over, thankfully---not even me!


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Chris said...

Don't let Brigette see that last picture! LOL

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