Friday, October 14, 2011

HS football (game)

Paxton has been wanting to go to a football game for a few weeks now, which I haven't figured out because it's not like we know any of the kids who play on the team. He know Parker goes to the games, maybe that's where it came from? Anyway, tonight was a perfect reason for going--the elementary kids here did a walk-a-thon as a fund-raiser and tonight they got to take a lap around the stadium to wrap it all up. Paxton didn't want to walk, but Beckett did. While we waited for Kurt and Beckett to join us, Paxton had a ball running up and down the steps and goofing around with Arielle--they LOVE when she does things with them =)
They did shave about 4 years off my life when Arielle lifted Paxton up so he could see over the top of the stadium wall, HA!!


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