Thursday, September 27, 2012

After Nursing School

To update myself: After graduating nursing school and passing the NCLEX exam, I was not as aggressive as many of my classmates in searching out a nursing postion. I liked what I was doing with teeth, and everyone said I was CRAZY to give up the hours that I had in dentistry to take on the nutso hours that the typical RN works. Well, I held on and a postion almost fell into my lap. I took a postion with a home health agency and joined the case of the sweetest little girl you could ever hope to meet. I became pediatric ventilator certified in order to care for her and I do three 10-hour shifts per week. I don't work weekends and the schedule is actually working out for our family quite well! I still do dentistry a day and a half a week, so that's not totally out of my system yet =)

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