Saturday, September 29, 2012

Library Time

Som This summer meant many trips to the public library. Usually Beckett and I went on Saturday mornings, or else Grandma took the boys on Monday evening while I rested between my "day" job and "night" job. Now that the boys are back in school they're utilizing their respective libraries at their schools, but Beckett still likes to check things out at the public library. I'd like to point out that he usually picks out 2 books and 2 movies, either VHS or DVD--USUALLY movies that we already have at home. Yah. Sometimes on Saturdays I would drop him off and then drive to the post office to mail things in the drive up box, which is approximately 6 blocks away and then come back, which meant he was alone for about 4 minutes inside the library, but oh he felt like such a big boy when I'd do that =) This week he wanted to play on the computers for awhile, which was a refreshing change from him watching Victorious music videos the way he does at home (insert eyeroll) Photobucket

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