Monday, September 15, 2008

The Blanket Explanation

I'm not sure where the text went that is supposed to be UNDER the blanket photo. Is it possible that I'm not as computer-savvy as one might think? Nah!
Anyhow, not ALL of my time is spent boring friends and family with photos and amusing ditties about my offspring. Once in a while I get to sit and create! This I made for the newest member of the family, Miss Piper Jean Jones. She was born on Arielle's birthday =) Even cooler, Piper's Mommy and I share the same birthday--albeit a few years apart in both instances! Piper's parents are Kurt's cousin Greg and his wife Cyndy.

1 comment:

patti said...

Awsome job girlfriend! You have so many talents:) Congrates to Greg and Cindy!

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