Sunday, September 28, 2008


BIG moment! The first time EVER I've pulled out the playdoh and let them go to town. We've got many cans of the stuff and many more cutouts and shape-y things and since it's too poopy of a day to be outside, I did the good-mommy thing and brought out the fun. Paxton got very creative and dove right in. Beckett? Pulled out EVERY bit, part and piece then went upstairs to put in a DVD he has no intention of watching.


Brooke said...

Holy crap! You have a ton of that stuff!!! Jer would have a blast at your house!

Sonya said...

You have all of that and this is the first time?!? They had to be in heaven =) I thought we had a ton of play doh junk!

Jennifer said...

Oh Wow, I am going to send Aden to your house... I think that he will have a blast. Since you have all the playdough in the workd we will come over and play

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