Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random pictures from the week

Another week gone by--and what a FABULOUS week for weather! Unseasonably warm for us here in Wisconsin with NO complaints from me =)

The college kids are hitting their groove, but so far, no big headaches for Kurt. I have 3 clinicals in the book out of 11, all is going well there too. Homecoming week is behind Arielle and Parker, so they can really focus on school--right? Paxton continues to love heading out every morning and so far every day has been a good one for him--big changes from last year! And then there's Beckett--soon to be 3! He is a hoot and a half, even Kurt has to admit that on what are sometimes very looooonnnnngg days together!

Here are a few random shots of the kids from this last week--some are more cooperative subjects than others...

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