Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paxton's passion

So anyone that knows Paxton knows of his love of trains. What started with Thomas, Annie and Clarabel grew rapidly to include James, Percy, Edward, Henry, Spencer, Neville, Molly and about 100 more! Beckett is starting to enjoy playing too so his upcoming birthday does include a couple of playsets to add to the collection (yes, there ARE things out there that we don't have). But today while Beckett napped, I built Paxton my version of the Island of Sodor and he happily played. He'll act out the stories he sees on DVD's or make up his own. Parker loves it when he gets into his hospitable routine "Hello Big Ben! Welcome to the Island of Sodor!", which gets repeated for EVERY train =) Paxton had a great time--until Beckett discovered it and knocked it all to pieces...

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