Thursday, September 18, 2008

No picture, but a bit of prose!

So it's Homecoming week here, and half of our high-schoolers in this house are into the spirit of it all! Wednesday was toga-day and Arielle headed out to school in a blaze orange version that kept her safe from harm all day. It was quite a production to get it rigged, we followed the directions on THIS website. He pretty much went against every piece of advice that Kurt offered up, beginning with "just use a bedsheet"! I do have a picture of her in her Roman glory, but more flattering ones do exsist.
In other Tuescher household news, I had my orientation for my clinical today. This semester I'm in Platteville, which is SO much better than that weekly trek to Richland Center I made last winter. NO photographic documentation of today's moment to ruin your appetite with.
My next entry SHOULD be of the actual Homecoming dress and do'. I know you're all waiting with bated breath...

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