Saturday, April 10, 2010

Got Moss Balls?

No? They're ALL over the land of blog, so of course I've been jonesin' for some--HA!! BUT, as I've said before, I am el CHEAPO so what to do? Make a stop at Dollar General and pick up what I need to make my own, of course!!
Plastic whiffle balls? $1 a sleeve--I bought 2, far more than I needed. Green moss? $1 a bag, I bought 3 and I've got LOTS left. Hot glue was the only other "ingredient" and I had that!
Working in small sections, squirt glue all over, press moss into freshly glued area. Keep going til covered and voila!! The only thing left was to pop them into one of my half off apothecary jars and ENJOY =)

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