Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Last week ended up being a little jumbled with a wake/visitation and a delayed tank swap out for thr grill, but we did end up having all of the meals I planned for!! Maybe this week will be a better one for staying on task!!
Once again, I'm linking to I'm an Organizing Junkie--the end all/be all site for menu link-ups, in my mind anyway--HA!!
For us this week:

Monday: Class for me (what will I do when this ends, LOL!)
Tuesday: Shrimp Scampi, salad, garlic bread
Wednesday: Putting Kurt in charge tonight!
Thursday: Parker has a golf meet I'll be at, but have burger for Kurt and the boys--probably hamburger helper, that's a big treat to the boys!
Friday: Grilled steaks, baked potato, corn
Saturday: Classic meatloaf, mashed taters, peas
Sunday: Baked cube steaks, pasta, veggie

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