Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Worth It.

Yes, on Christmas morning the living room is a DISASTER. With capital letters, just like I wrote em'. Usually I arrange everything back under the tree for "after" pictures before we head to my parents for the day. Not this year. Too much to do to get ready to go, so I left it. Unheard of. But after the big kids opened their gifts at Kurt's parents, I slipped out to straighten up the living room so there would be SOME semblence of normalcy before the little boys begged to have every new toy opened RIGHT NOW.
The whole holiday season is a lot of work, no getting around that. Stressful, yes. But all worth it when we get to see the smiles and hear the giggles and feel the hugs of grateful, happy children =)


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Brimful Curiosities said...

We had a huge mess, too. Still missing the Psych pineapple that my husband received from Santa. Hopefully it didn't get mixed up in all the wrapping paper and end up in the garbage.

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