Monday, December 13, 2010

Menu Planning Monday!!

Tis Monday!!! This week I'm linking back up at I'm an organizing junkie (which, for some odd reason I'm not able to embed the link in my post, but you can always find her in my sidebar!!) after not doing it for a couple of weeks. As the holidays get closer, my menus get a little looser, but as long as I'm feeding the people in this house as I am required to by law, all is good, HA!!
Monday: Treated boys to Culvers
Tuesday: Hamburger pie and biscuits
Wednesday: Papa special (beef tips over noodles) green beans
Thursday: Taking my final online, will leave Kurt in charge!!
Friday: Something with ground beef
Saturday: Pork roast, potatoes and veggie
Sunday: Chicken in some way, shape or form


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