Sunday, December 19, 2010

Got Bento?

or something along those lines! In the course of my blog-hopping, I've come across some wonderful ones where the Momma's post the daily lunches of their kiddos. Not just any ol' lunches mind you. These are based on the Japanese style of lunch-packing where everything is packed in a neat/fun container, all visible to the child at once, readily available to dive right into. No opening up little packages/zip-loc baggies of the lunch components, possibly never getting to the healthy items that you tucked in there.
There are TONS of containers designed just for this trend, some Mom's get VERY creative when they put these together--me, not so much, HA! I just use some Ziploc brand containers I got at Walmart and I usually pack mine and Beckett's lunches this way.
Tomorrow Beckett requested a ham sandwich (he has kids with peanut allergies in his class and since they eat IN the classroom, they are asked not to bring the ol' standby of PB&J), some potato chips (which I do put in a baggie so they don't get soggy), yogurt (before I put the lid on, I place a square of waxed paper over this section so it doesn't spill into the other sections), I chose some animal crackers and a string cheese for him and he'll get milk once he's at school.
I use these too--it's MUCH cheaper than running to the deli at lunch, plus it's too flipping cold in WI to go out it you don't have to, AND I usually study at lunch so having it with me gives me more study time. I'm having a chicken breast sammy on a sandwich round, underneath is an already peeled orange in a baggie, some Pepperidge Farms pretzel crisps and animal crackers for me too.
Do a google search for Bento and you'll be amazed at the talent/creativity of lots of Mom's out there!!!


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