Friday, December 17, 2010

Dollar Store Decorating

For the most part anyway!! Our mantle is nothing to write home about, I actually do not like how much wall space our fireplace consumes and don't get me started on the knotty pine yuck that composes the face of it. But my husband loves himself a fireplace and I love him, so there you have it!
For the bulk of the year family photos and candles span the length on the mantle, but now that it's Christmas I thought I should play up what I've been handed right? Enter a trip to Dollar Tree and literally 30 minutes of time and what you see is what you get =) The glassware came from DT or Goodwill or was repurposed from elsewhere in the house. The green garland and ball ornaments I purchased after Xmas last year for 80% off. The Pottery Barn deer in the center is a gift I received a few seasons ago and the candle holders all came from Goodwill. Not that I can actually light them since they are tucked into the greenery (me thinks firefighter husband would NOT understand!)
It got a thumbs up from Arielle =)


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