Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Decision 2012

Well, election day is behind us!!! And to be done with all of the ads (You're DAMN right, in Wisconsin comes to mind), the endless phone calls and smack talk on facebook (seriously, people unfriend each other over this stuff! For Pete's sake, I married a man who often votes differently than I do!), makes me very happy. But I'm happy most of all that we have the freedom to make the decision of who will work to lead this country. I'm also happy that Arielle and Parker chose to exercise their right to vote as well. We all went at separate times, with Arielle having to wait in line the longest---she couldn't even see the area where our district votes when she walked in the building, HA! And, I'm pretty happy that "my" guy is sticking around so that Big Bird can stick around! Photobucket

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