Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beckett Shares with Kabul

Kabul can spot an easy target from a mile away--small child with food? He's there. He didn't even have to get tough, Beckett very willingly shared his picnic weiner with him. Bite for Beckett, bite for Kabul. Couple more for Beckett, Kabul finished up. The crowd on hand for this scene had quite a laugh, but not at the shared meal. Oh no--it was my cousin Courtney choking and gagging over the fact that the two of them shared the meal in the first place. No pictures of that exsist, Courtney, you may thank me later...

And yes, I do think it's a bit unsanitary that they shared said weiner. BUT, he's child number 4, I know for a fact that there are far worse things that disappear between a childs lips. Besides, a dogs mouth is WAY cleaner than a humans, everyone knows this. Really--google it!

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