Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where you Live Friday

Except it's Sunday. This is a weekly feature hosted by Kelly at once each week (on Fridays) a room was chosen to be showcased on participants blogs. Entryway/hallways was this weeks feature area. Unfortunately, this is the final week (I'm late to the party again!) So this is what greets you as you look around the front hall of our home, but we RARELY use this enterance!
The table you see is a pretty new addition to the space. Previously I had a 3 shelf bookcase there that collected too much dust on it's too many knick-knacks (my major decluttering mode is really in full force). The 2 lamps that are on top came from Walmart--$5 for the PAIR! I'm not sure what will go into the iron bowl besides the candle, I have grapevine and seed balls in other areas of the house, so something original would be nice! I'm in search of wall art to go above this. In one corner are my stacked boxes from the Lang Company. I've had them for quite a while, in fact they've been tucked away and I just recently pulled them out again. I'm thinking about a small shelf for below the picture there. Heading up the steps is the family photo gallery--LOTS of photos get taken in our home! A simple mirror with candle sconces hang behind the front door. I've got one eye out for a cute rug for this area, it's not a high traffic area, BUT there are some boys here that like to race at breakneck speed coming down the steps and I'd like to avoid a wipeout!
That's pretty much the tour! PLEASE leave any comments you've got--I'd love to hear what you creative ladies might have in mind for my lacking areas =)


Nic said...

A fellow Momma of Four and a nursing student! A women after my own heart =) I would love to go to nursing school but don't have the nerve or time. How old are your kiddos?

Colleen said...

18, 15,6 and 3 =)

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