Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Tour Continued...

There is at least ONE great thing about putting a room each week on my blog: ONE room each week gets cleaned really well! This stop on the tour is of the den. Pretty simple room--computer in the cabinet WITH a lock (yes, most of my work happens on a PC. Not that we don't HAVE laptops, this is just comfort to me!) There is a closet that had a hideous bi-fold door on in when we bought the house, you know, the kind just perfect for pinching little fingers in. Down it came and up went curtains to match the ones at the window. There are lots of shelves in there that hold lots of toys with lots of small pieces: Mr. Potato Head, Viewmaster, Legos, etc. Along one wall is a futon--not my favorite piece of furniture ever invented, I hate the way the mattress part slips, but it works well in here for now. There's another smaller "closet" (created, I think, when a stall shower was put in the bathroom next door and they bumped it into here), but the shelves there are great for storing Momma's crafty items like yarn and such!

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