Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial

Platteville was fortunate enough to be the host of this touring monument. It is an exact half scale replica of the wall that is in Washington DC that displays the name of every man and woman who gave their life while serving during the Vietnam War. My father and Kurt's father were both enlisted in the military during this conflict, thankfully their names are absent from the granite slabs. Friends and family left flowers, old newpaper clippings from so many years ago, we even saw a pair of combat boots lined up neatly below a loved one's name. Lots of rubbings of the names took place as well.
Kurt and I walked over with the boys earlier in the week and today was the parade to mark the end of the wall's time here before it is packed back up and travels to the next city. It's a sight that everyone should try and see if you learn that it is in a city near you.

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