Sunday, August 9, 2009

Only 18 more to go!

Baby teeth that is! Paxton had his first tooth "pushed out" by Dr. Tim a while ago. About 3 days ago he informed me that he had a loose tooth--naturally, I tried to give one of his lower ones a wiggle and he pointed out to me like I had NEVER laid eyes on a tooth before that it was THIS one, and pushed on the one next to his exsisting space. He did a lot of wiggling and went through spurts of "I don't want to lose a tooth!" Tonight as I was packing my bag for the hospital I hear "I think my tooth just came out!" WHAT?! I think, you just showed me a couple of nights ago! I got closer, and sure enough, there was the gaping space and the telltale drop of blood. "Umm, where'd the tooth go?" is my question. He casually points to the floor and says "over there". He apparantly tongue-flipped it a few feet away. No muss, no fuss and more importantly, no trauma from my little Drama Llama!
He also informed Papa that the going rate is $2 from the tooth fairy!

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