Sunday, August 30, 2009

They're going to be GREAT husbands someday!

Someday in the FAR future! On Tuesdays, the little boys stay at Grandma and Grandpa's now that my class has started and love to have dinner there. There's a usual rotation including subs, McDonald's and "pasghetti". Grandma is brave enough to let them "help" during the making of their favorite! I'm sure just out of range of the camera lens is the broom waiting to be called into battle...


DashaD said...

Yes, they will!
My FIL did his share of cooking when Brian was growing up, and Brian now loves to cook. I am so thankful, too - I cook out of necessity, so whenever he is in the mood to take over, it's a great break for me! :)

Kelly said...

Cute. My son loves to cook with me! I hope he has more cooking talent than his dad.
To answer your question, of course I popped the left over candy in my mouth. :)

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