Saturday, August 1, 2009

7th Annual Breastfeeding Support Walk

Each year, the Mother's Milk Network at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque does a Breastfeeding suppport/awareness walk in August. We've gone for 6 years--ever since Paxton was about 3 months old. This group is made up of nursing Momma's (until baby turns a year) and is led by 2 lactation consultants who mean the world to me, my sons and COUNTLESS other babies and Momma's. When Paxton had so many troubles nursing, this was what got us through. Kathy and Jayne made me aware of milk donation, which led us to donate about 8,000 ounces of breastmilk to 2 milkbanks and some mom-to-mom donations. Because of them, Paxton went on to nurse for 28 months and Beckett breastfed for a whopping FORTY months. Yes, MONTHS.
So today at the walk, we were honored with a slip and slide for my graduated nurslings and I won a sweet doorprize--the plaque you see above. I hung it so we can all see it every time we come from the upstairs, and I hope my wonderful children believe what they read there.

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