Monday, March 8, 2010

Following in family footsteps.....

A little background: Kurt's father, Kurt and his brother all have Bachelor degrees in History. All three of them are big readers, historical publications rank high on the list and there seems to be an emphasis on novels of the political variety--presidencies, elections, campaigns, etc. There is usually a couple of exchanges of books at the holidays which is followed by statements like "I'd like to read that when you're done with it" or "I've heard good things about that book, let me know what you thought of it".
I myself like to read, I prefer non-fictional pieces of work, biographies certainly fall into that category and sometimes they are even political in nature. Last week Beckett showed himself to be the 3rd generation of Tuescher men who enjoy themselves a good political read. Now look carefully at the choice he made. NOW, listen closely because I'm pretty certain you'll be able to pick up the very audible groans coming from those 3 guys I mentioned at the beginning of this post.
Yes, he's reading "Monica's Story". Well, mostly looking at the pictures, but it's a foray into the life he seems destined to be a part of =)

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Allyson said...

Monica's Story?? As in Monica Lewinsky?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....that's awesome. Who got THAT for Christmas?

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