Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Got Pillow Pets?

Apparently, I live in a cave. (or work FT, do the whole nursing school thing, and more) I had NO clue what a Pillow Pet was. When we were at the Mall last week, Kurt stepped away from us and Beckett and I were left standing in front of one of those cart things that dot the center hallways of any such establishment. This particular one held said Pillow Pets. Fast forward and Momma is handing over her debit card to become the BestMomEver by taking 2 of the little beasts home.
Beckett ran through snippets of the infomercial that airs on Sprout: It's a pet that opens into a full-sized pillow! The only hard part will be deciding which one to choose! Great for naps, play or travel! They're machine washable!
As I keep telling Kurt: "it's good to be a Tuescher boy" =)

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Allyson said...

I've seen this things but I had NO idea they had an actual name. Sort of like WebKinz. I just stumbled onto this phenomenon at Toys 'R Us last Christmas and now I'm the favorite aunt. I do appreciate that they're bringing back the toys of my childhood, though...the Glo Worm, the Cabbage Patch Kids, the Bubble Mower...ahhh...good times.

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