Sunday, March 14, 2010

The more things change....

Last night Kurt was HOME on a Saturday (these only come around every 6 weeks people--we get happy about them!!). We had a family friend b-day gathering to make an appearance at in Mazomanie (a bit of a drive) and after all day at the hospital, I left Kurt in charge of dinner. We headed out and decided that Dodgeville was probably our best best for selection, so we chose Pizza Hut. I have not been to this particular PH since I was in High School probably (so, like 8-9 years--HA!) The place had not changed one iota, I swear! The same fake brick on the walls, "barn" boards in the entryway, same booth and table placement, etc. BUT, my company was different than way back then (you know, 11-12 years ago). Last night I dined with 3 of my 4 handsome guys (while I exchanged text with #4 who was wondering what was for supper. The same one who could have come along if he could be bothered to answer his cell once in a while instead of only ready text!) Also, no blogging exsisted the last time I was there (16-17 years ago), so add that to the list of changes as well =) My poor family is used to me digging in my purse to pull out my trusty Canon at any given moment when we are out of the house (my given right AS I mother, I might add)
At the end of the meal there were balloons for the boys--which morphs into another story all on its own!!!


Allyson said...

Isn't that hysterical how those places NEVER change. Our local favorite was Gatti's (not a GattiTown, mind you. That's too fancy for small-town Kentucky)...but it's exactly the same as when we used to go there after high school football games (yeah, 2 years ago...ha). It looks like a wonderful dinner and it was with, no doubt, better company than high school boyfriends. ;)

Nic said...

AAwww...Balloons! Ceiling fans worst enemy....LOL! Thats where all of ours end up.

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