Thursday, March 4, 2010

Truthful Thursday--New Year's Resolution Update part 3.....

Still plugging away!! More decluttering (and meal planning) is the bulk of resolution maintainence at the moment!! Our local consignment store began taking Spring/Summer items last month, so I've been working hard to get those items out of here (and earn a few extra bucks while I'm at it--HA!)
Otherwise I've been sending a bag about every 2 weeks to the Thrift store (gotta love that it's right on my way to work--how handy is that?!), as I pull out Paxton's outgrown stuff it goes into a bin for Beckett and his too-small clothes I bag up and take to work to pass along to a coworkers niece. Then there's always a bag going of things I no longer wear that I pass along to another coworker who's as big a Christopher & Banks fan as I am =)
I've got the bulk of my Easter Basket shopping done and it has been cut back from previous years--less stuff coming IN means less clutter once it's here, right?!
How are YOUR resolutions coming along?

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Allyson said...

That is SOOOO true....less crap in means less crap out. I have completely cut out any unnecessary trips to Big Lots because my head starts saying "but it's only $2.99!!" and before I know it, I have a lot more crap in my house.

I didn't actually make any resolutions this year, but I continue to be inspired by your meal-planning and I've kept that going pretty well, too. So, that's helped on the budget, which can be sort of an issue. And the weight, which can also be sort of an issue. And I TOTALLY forgot about Lent this year and have yet to give anything up. Gluttonous. So, yeah...that's not going so well. But thanks for asking. ;)

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