Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

This week is an abbreviated version =) The kids are on Spring Break this week and on Friday we're going to the Dells for a fun weekend away--which translates to no cook-y for me on 3 days--HA!!
Once again, I'll be linking up to where hundreds (yes, really--hundreds) of other bloggers post their menus for the week!!

Monday: (I'm on SB too, so no class for me--I have to cook!!) BBQ pork in the crock pot that I'll shred for sammies, french fries
Tuesday: Goulash, corn, biscuits
Wednesday: Ham Steak, juliene potatoes, beans
Thursday: Chicken--I'll probably do it on the grill, rice, veggie

Best of all, I pulled all the meat from the freezer so Kurt can be happy about that =)

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