Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are you ready for the summer?!

Now that you've got the theme for "Meatballs" in your head, you can peruse some pictures of one of our first trips to the pool this season! I say ONE OF THE FIRST because the first time we went it rained/poured several times (until Momma said, enough!). The boys didn't mind a smidge, but I was not bringing a camera out in that!
They picked up right where they left off last August--Paxton is venturing out just a bit further and loves to practice his strokes and "diving" (except he keeps his eyes open, ew!) and Beckett will jump off the side about 47,205 times each time we go, with occasional trips to the splash table area.
With no online classes this summer, no Graves Disease to deal with head on, and little fishes for offspring, I predict we'll be spending LOTS of time at the pool =)

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