Sunday, June 27, 2010

A weekend with my BFF!!

About 12 years ago, my very best friend was introduced to a man, by HER BFF (I introduced Patti to Doug). Well, THIS backfired, they fell in love, got married and she had to move away since he job has a residency requirement =( She only moved a little over an hours drive away, but with raising our families and a million other committments, we don't get to see each other nearly enough.
This weekend though Kurt was off and I was able to pack up and go see her! I took along my laptop so I could blog as the days progressed, but I wasn't able to get an internet connection--very odd. So now ya'll get bombarded with posts all at once when it was supposed to be spaced out.

Friday: I got to her area before she was done with work, so I continued into Davenport and did a little shopping. Mainly TJ Maxx and Target, but a found some fun things in each place, so I was happy!! I met Patti at home and we had a YUMMY dinner of bacon-wrapped shrimp and scallops and HUGE twice-baked potatoes--I wish they were sitting before me right now--HA!! Then we just mixed some very summer-y cocktails of UV Blue and lemonade and TALKED until 2:45am!! I cannot tell you the last time I stayed up that late!!!
Some random shots of my BFF and said cocktail appear above =)

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