Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Summertime RANT

So this year when it came time to put together my flowerpots for the decks, I went all out and bought new ones. My previous ones were looking REALLLY rough after several seasons out in the elements. I bought those heavy LOOKING pots that are really made of the lightweight styrofoam-like material. The back deck ones came from Wal-Mart, the front from K-mart.
I loaded them up with soil, plunked in all of the flowers that I bought, strategically placed them and sat back to enjoy them. One. Tiny. Problem. THE STINKING THINGS HAVE NO DRAIN HOLES!!! NONE of them!!! Who decided this would be a good idea to sell such an item?! My poor plants are perpetually water-logged and the leaves are a sickly yellowy-green. As much rain as we've had lately, I can't keep up with tipping the pots to at least get the surface water off. To say I am aggravated is an understatment!


Melissa said...

Bummer! I have the opposite problem. . .brown thumb! I just sent another plant to the plant graveyard yesterday. Would it be possible to drill some little holes in the sides?

Allyson said...

I'm not exactly sure what you're supposed to do with a HUGE flower pot that doesn't have any drain holes. That is like the worst design flaw ever. And yes, you could take the drill to it and make your own...the point is...they're flower pots. They are SUPPOSED to come with holes. In a world full of senseless rants, I think this one is COMPLETELY justified.

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