Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shopping with Paxton

It actually goes pretty well when it's just he and I--throw Beckett into the mix though and that totally changes things! Paxton has a birthday party to attend tomorrow so we had to go gift shopping. I fully intended to get some pictures of him perusing the aisles of pink to choose the perfect girly gift, but he walked past the Zhu-Zhu pets, I suggested one and he said OK! We used my fistful of coupons to save about $16 on household-y things and then onto the grocery store.
Once I talked him out of pushing one of those disgusting race-car carts around, he was content to push a regular cart and give me the commercial version of products he recognized--especially the Go-gurts! We didn't come away with TOO much excess, pop-tarts, but they were on sale so not a biggie and he chose a bottle of water from an end-cap, so you KNOW I paid too much for it, HA! Oh well, he was a huge help and pretty cute too =)
I hope there isn't a lot of junk food visible in these pictures!!!

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