Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Climbing the Big "M"

So just outside of town is our claim to fame: The world's largest M. It is "built" into a hillside and is made up of rocks that are whitewashed frequently to keep it bright white. It was put there many years ago by students from the Mining school (one of the top mining schools in the country was located here--it has morphed into engineering and the engineering department here is top-notch) Twice a year they "light" the M once at homecoming and again during the M ball.
The M has been used for publicity stunts as well over the years, two that I recall is back in the 80's it was used as part of a giant MTV logo--people stood where the "T" and "V" are in the logo--Kurt being one of them =)
Secondly, a few years back, Walt Disney was holding a contest for cities around the country to host "Hometown" parades (I think they did like 10 of them) and communities forwarded submissions on why they were the best choice. A man from town incorporated the M into his essay and we were chosen as the first stop for Mickey's Hometown Parade.
Anyway! Yesterday we went out to climb the M--something everyone here has done at least once, usually many times more. (Grandpa takes the boys out frequently to do this!). It had been YEARS since I had done it. In the beginning you just scaled the hill, later railroad ties were "installed" and then steps with a couple of landings. Most recently, the steps were offered for "adoption" and you could buy a step and your name was engraved on a plaque and attached. So when the boys would turn around to see where I was, my excuse for my slowness was "I'm reading the signs". They're too young to appreciate that Momma is an out-of-shape old fart, HA!


Melissa said...

How fun! I love bits and pieces of Americana like that!

Allyson said...

Oh that is supercool!! Kind of like the letters they put in the side of mountains in Utah! I feel like the World's Biggest M should be a mandatory stop fof the traveling Millers! Thanks for the heads-up! I wonder if it's on Trip Advisor??

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