Thursday, June 10, 2010

Truthful Thursday--Continued....

Look at me---well into June and still plugging away on my New Year's resolutions!! Meal planning? Check. Developing photos? I have had about 500 done in the past few weeks--mostly golf ones for the boys on the team, but plenty of home ones too! Decluttering? Yup, still going strong there. An average of one bag a week is on it's way out the door to one place or another!
This was a decluttering project I did last week. Looks like a small accomplishment, but Lawdy, it needed to be done!!! Yeah, see Santa perched up there? And what you can't see, I'm slowly going through the insides and matching up pairs of earring, detangling bracelets and necklaces and tossing lone earrings and other miscellaneous "stuff" that I was compelled to hang on to at some point!!
My homemade apothecary jars are currently empty (and actually I have 3 up there now) but I have grand plans of filling them with something at some point!!!

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