Monday, June 21, 2010


So we are in the Dells for a few days (staying at Chula Vista, I recommend it--and not just because the suite is free--HA!) and right across from our building is the outdoor water area and mini-golf course. Of COURSE Parker was itching to get out and putt some balls, never mind he just did that yesterday!
The 4 boys played, Momma was there with her ever-present Canon (I shot 85 pictures of them playing putt-putt!!!). They had a good time, Paxton got a hole-in-one and was over the moon about it =) Beckett loved teeing off and then would pick his ball up, place it next to the cup and finish up. That left lots of free time while the other 3 finished for real for him to whack at the landscaping with that weapon called a putter--insert eyeroll here.
Noone was injured, they had a good time and Parker beat par so I think it's something we'd be willing to try again!!

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tiff snedaker said...

The Dells is in Wisconsin right? I remember passing it once when I went on a road trip with my mom to Chicago. Looks like lots of fun. That's a lot of pictures to shoot, but at least you got some great ones, and that's the marvel of digital photography. :)

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