Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dairy Days 2010

This Momma is piling up the "Good Momma" awards lately! Historically, the weekend after Labor Day is our city's Dairy Days celebration. I won't go into whole background of the 3 day event, but suffice to say it involves a parade (which we skipped--I love the bands and there aren't many anymore!), a historical encampment (which the kids get to as part of school projects) and a park full of rides, concessions and cheesy game stands. Of course it comes complete with smoking ride operators, questionable parenting and enough heebie-jeebie inducing sights to make me shudder as I type.
That said, Arielle was sweet enough to take the little boys up on Saturday night for a couple of hours and Kurt and I took them back up today for a few hours. The BIG part of this is that Kurt had to head home to get ready for work and I stayed up there until the boys were ready to come home! They, of course, enjoyed themselves as the pictures well prove =)


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